Fall / Winter Checklist 



System To Do
Chimney Clean and inspect
Clothes Dryer Clean out exhaust vent
Deck Sealcoat
Doors Apply weather stripping
Driveway Seal and patch
Exterior Faucets Turn off and drain
Garage Door Lubricate linkage and rails
Gutters and Downspouts Clean, inspect for clogging
Heating / Air Conditioning Change filter
Heating / Air Conditioning Clean and service
Insulation Check for sufficiency
Lawn / Grounds Lawn Aerating
Lawn / Grounds Lawn Fertilization
Lawn / Grounds Mulch planting areas
Lawn / Grounds "Top Seed"  add grass seed
Refrigerator Change water filter
Roof Inspect shingles & check for soft spots
Smoke and CO2 Alarms Change Batteries and Test
Septic System Clean-out / pumping
Swimming Pool Winterize
Well Water Test for potability
Windows Caulk around windows
Windows Put storm windows in place
Wood exterior areas Paint touch-up
Wood Stove Inspect and clean

If you have suggestions for additional items, please e-mail them to me and I'll add them to our list!  The list above is provided as a courtesy and may not be complete for your particular property.  Thank you!